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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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About Bishop John B. Elliott

(November 14, 1927 –August 9, 2004)
Bishop John Brown Elliott was an innovator and tireless community leader. 
He founded the Mt. Paran Baptist Church in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn      
in 1988.
A difference maker and visionary leader, Bishop Elliott was concerned about the
devastating effects of substance abuse and crime in Bushwick. Working with law
enforcement and other community leaders, he established a community watch
nucleus that became the eyes and ears of the community.
Bishop Elliott served as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors for Bushwick
Family Services now known as the Family Services Network of New York. As
chairperson he championed programs that focused on Harm Reduction, Food
and Nutrition, and HIV/AIDS awareness. He also served as a mentor for countless
at-risk young men in the Juvenile justice System. He took young men under his
wing and served as a role model and friend. He taught for many years at Little
Zion Bible Institute and United Christian Bible College where he received a
Doctorate of Sacred Theology. Many of his former students pastor in some
of the most community-minded churches in Brooklyn.
His committed, passionate leadership was holistic in its approach. Along
with his wife, the Reverend Susie Elliott, he established a Soup Kitchen
and Pantry to help ease the hunger crisis. He worked to improve
communication among community residents and opened the church
center for meetings and gatherings. Bishop Elliott worked to foster a
strong community spirit among residents during challenging times.
 His vision was always positive.   You could often hear him say,
“Bushwick is coming back.”
Bishop Elliott was born on November 14, 1927 in Mt. Olive, North Carolina
where he attended Carver High School. He enlisted in the Navy in 1945 and
returned to North Carolina in 1947 to continue his education. He attended
Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina where he met his wife, Susie Jones.
They were married for 51 years. Bishop Elliott was a man of faith who believed
in the sanctity of family life.
Mt. Paran remains a beacon of hope in the community. Bishop Elliott is
remembered as a generous, thoughtful man who envisioned Bushwick
as a thriving, cohesive community. Bishop Elliott wanted to make a difference. 
He did more than that. He left a legacy.